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Meivertor Eyelid Everter Meivertor Eyelid Everter

Single-handed UPPER and lower eyelid eversion with Meivertor™

Meivertor™ makes UPPER eyelid eversion easy

Meivertor™, when used in conjunction with any meibographer, takes full advantage of the equipment’s functionality – leading to enhanced user experience and improved patient outcomes.

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Meivertor™and meibographer advantages

Now, your technician can provide you with the complete picture; upper and lower meibomian gland images to optimize diagnosis and treatment selection.

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How to Use

Watch our full length instructional video on how to use your Meivertor.

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Anyone struggle with lid eversion for meibomian gland imaging? Try using the Meivertor.
Teaching techs has been a breeze and we can image both the upper and lower lids with ease!

Dr. Preeya Gupta, MDCornea Specialist

The Meivertor is a terrific product that has become one of my staff’s favourite in a very short time!

Dr. Kimberly K. FriedmanMoorestown Eye Associates, November 2022

Amazingly well designed, incredible balance to the instrument, and ease of use. I would recommend every technician who does meibography have one.

Dr. Paul KarpeckiJanuary 2021

Great idea and great way to control the process of lid eversion.  We have had the opportunity to use for meibography but also for a few foreign body removals on the superior tarsalplate!

Mile Brujic, O.D., FAAO

I purchased the Meivertor eyelid eversion tool for my technicians to use while taking images of the meibomian glands. Since only one hand is needed to evert the upper lid with the Meivertor, it allows a completely free hand to move the joystick of the camera to take the image. 

I was able to quickly evert the lid on the first attempt. This totally convinced me the purchase was well worth it and that the Meivertor is for anyone who would like to make the process of everting lids more efficient and effective.

David T. Kageyama, OD FAAOElk Grove Optometry